The Benefits of Having a Landline Phone in the Age of Mobile Devices

Many consumers appreciate the simplicity of landlines, eliminating the complexities associated with smartphone technology. In addition, a landline phone can be a lifesaver during natural disasters and bad weather.

Cordless home phones have superior sound quality than cellular devices, which can benefit hard-of-hearing users or people who spend much time on the phone.

Better Call Quality

Having a landline phone can offer better call quality than cellular devices, and that’s particularly important if you have trouble hearing or have a disability. Additionally, home phones allow you to converse without distractions like notifications on your mobile device.

The fact that landlines work in a power outage is also helpful, especially if you live in an area prone to hurricanes or other natural disasters. In addition, if your home’s construction or neighborhood interferes with cell phone signals (think metal or concrete walls or radiant barriers in the attic), having a landline phone may be necessary for reliable communication.

Combined with their cost-effectiveness and adaptability, these advantages position landlines as a modern essential for many individuals and families. You can even bundle your phone service with your internet or TV to make it even more affordable.

More Convenience

If you have kids and are worried about them using the cell phone to call friends or family, there are alternatives to landline that can help limit their access. And if you often need to send or receive faxes for your job, a landline can also be a valuable asset.

Having a landline also means less distraction during conversations with loved ones. There won’t be any popup notifications that can get in the way of your conversations, so you can give them your undivided attention.

Another benefit of having a landline is that it’s a reliable connection. Even if your internet is down, your landline will still work. Plus, you can use it in emergencies. Emergency responders can better monitor your location if you have a landline because it is tied to your address, unlike some wireless systems that can only provide a general location.

Another advantage of a landline is avoiding unwanted calls from telemarketers. While marketers can legally ring landlines, they’re usually barred from doing so on cell phones linked to the National Do Not Call Registry.

Increased Security

The reliability of landline phones means that calls don’t drop — especially when using devices like home security systems that require a phone line for communication. A home phone is also helpful when your cellphone is not serviced, or the battery dies.

Additionally, the sound quality of a home phone is better than most smartphones and can be beneficial for anyone with hearing loss or who spends a lot of time talking on the phone. 

Finally, emergency call centers often require landlines as a contact point for those who need help. This is important during natural disasters where cellular towers may be affected by storm damage and power outages. A landline also offers more precise location tracking than a cellular call.

Fewer Bills

Despite their increased functionality, mobile phones are expensive to maintain and keep charged. Cellphone service providers raise rates annually, and many customers find that retaining their landline phone can help to cut down on the total monthly costs of keeping the line active.

In addition, if you live in an area with poor cellular network reception, having a landline can provide a reliable backup. Corded landlines aren’t dependent on batteries and will continue functioning during a power outage.

Lastly, if you have kids that aren’t old enough to own their mobile device, having a landline can be a valuable learning tool and allow them to practice calling 911 in an emergency. It can also teach them the value of a solid, clear connection and how to use a telephone with friends and family properly. It’s an excellent way to help them build independence, confidence, and etiquette. A landline will also ensure a backup if the phone is lost or damaged.


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