Elon Musk Jokes on Twitter: The New “X” Brand Draws Comparisons to Xvideos

In a recent turn of events that has left the social media world buzzing, Twitter has undergone a significant rebranding, changing its name to simply “X”. This decision has sparked a flurry of comments and jokes on various platforms, especially given the striking similarity between the new name and the popular adult video site, Xvideos. The situation has become even more amusing with site owner Elon Musk joining in on the fun, hinting at further changes to the platform’s branding. Here, we explore this trending topic in detail, analyzing the reactions and potential implications of this rebranding.

Twitter’s Rebranding: A Joke or a New Trend?

The Announcement and Initial Reactions

Twitter recently announced its decision to rebrand the platform, adopting the new name “X”. This change was met with a mixture of surprise and amusement, as users quickly pointed out the similarity to the adult video site, Xvideos. The news began trending rapidly, with users sharing their thoughts and reactions on platforms including TikTok and Twitter itself.

Elon Musk’s Playful Involvement

Elon Musk, the billionaire owner of the newly rebranded platform, didn’t miss the opportunity to join in on the fun. In a series of Twitter posts, Musk joked about the rebranding, even suggesting further changes to the site’s branding, including alterations to the Twitter Blue feature and the term used for posts, currently known as “tweets”. His playful comments have added fuel to the fire, making the topic one of the hottest trends on social media.

The Xvideos Connection: A Coincidence or a Calculated Move?

Comparisons and Speculations

The rebranding has led to a surge in comparisons between the new “X” brand and Xvideos, a well-known adult video site. The similarity in names has sparked a wave of jokes and memes on social media, with users drawing parallels between the two platforms. Some even speculated whether this was a calculated move to draw attention to the platform, or simply a coincidence that has resulted in an amusing turn of events.

Potential Changes to the Platform

Despite the jokes and comparisons, the rebranding signifies a major change for the social media giant. While it remains to be seen what other alterations might come, Musk has hinted at potential changes to various elements of the site’s branding, including the Twitter Blue subscription service and the terminology used for posts on the platform. Users are eagerly awaiting further announcements to see how this rebranding will shape the future of the platform.


As the internet buzzes with discussions and jokes regarding the new “X” brand, it’s clear that this rebranding has caught the attention of users globally. Whether this was a calculated move or simply a coincidence, the playful involvement of Elon Musk has certainly added a new layer of amusement to the situation. As we await further developments, it will be interesting to see how this rebranding shapes the Twitter experience, and whether it will bring about significant changes to the platform’s services and features.


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