On TikTok, Maddie May, also known as Bubble Bratz Maddie May, is a well-known creator of content. She is well-known for her entertaining and creative videos, in which she frequently sings and dances to popular songs. Maddie’s fans adore her for her positive outlook and positive energy. Her bubbly and outgoing personality is contagious.

Maddie’s followers value her for her creativity and willingness to be herself, and her content is diverse. She is also well-known for the upbeat and inspiring messages she delivers in her videos. Bubble Bratz Maddie May quickly gained popularity on TikTok thanks to her engaging content and distinctive style.

Bubble Bratz Maddie Career

Bubble Bratz Maddie

Bubble Bratz began her career as a dancer in her hometown. She tried her luck once more at that point by sharing her videos and photos on social media. Through Instagram, she tried to become famous on the Internet. In this situation, she acquired prominence because of her substance at that stage in 2010. As a result, she became a fashion model and entered the modeling industry. From that point onward, her appearance stood out for the chief, transforming her into an entertainer. Maddie was offered a job as an adult performer because of her stunning performance.

Bubble Bratz Maddie Education

She goes by Maddiy. Bubble Bratz Maddie will be 24 years of age in 2023. America was her birthplace. She was raised in Riverside, California, by a Christian family. Los Angeles was where she spent her adolescence. However, she spent the majority of her childhood in Illinois.

She professes to be a Christian despite being from another country. while I was growing up in Illinois, California, in the United States. She attended that high school. She received her diploma after completing her education at a private college in Los Angeles, California.

At the point when she moved to Los Angeles, she started acting in supporting jobs. Her acting profession has now authoritatively started. She also began her musical career at a young age.

Family & Relationship

Her housewife mother is Alena, and her unidentified father is a finance manager. She also has a sister whose identity is unknown to the general public. Her private life was never made public. Currently, she is seeing Moore Bary. They faced danger from the beginning of their relationship. Moore Bary is an inventive individual. She has been in a few other relationships with men in the past. Bubble Bratz Maddie frequently changes boyfriends. She has also been with the American musician Sean Don. Like the past one, this one went on for some time prior to finishing for obscure reasons.


Young Bubble Bratz Maddie has a charming appearance and is bright. Her demeanor is enticing. Yet, she likewise has a dainty figure and alluring body details. She has 42-28-38 crawls in level. Bubble Bratz Maddie weighs approximately 68 pounds and stands 5’4″ tall.

Her striking hazel eyes and stunning blonde hair contrast beautifully. She is the kind of person who enjoys going out with friends, watching movies, and taking beautiful pictures for social media.

Maddie’s net worth is unknown to the general public. However, she is thought to be worth $60 million, according to some sources.


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