Tyler Doyle Arrested.org: Attempted Murder Charge and the Disappearance Mystery

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In a series of unexpected turns, Tyler Doyle, a resident of Myrtle Beach, SC, has found himself at the center of an extensive investigation. The name, now synonymous with the website Tyler Doyle Arrested.org, has been the topic of intense debate and countless online discussions.

Tyler Doyle: The Initial Arrest

In early 2023, Tyler Doyle was arrested in connection with an attempted murder case. The charge was severe and had significant implications. The arrest documents, as per the Freedom of Information Act request, indicated a chilling narrative involving a duck hunting incident that turned fatal. This case soon spiraled into a trend, grabbing national attention, with daily updates flooding news outlets and social media platforms.

The Disappearance

Complicating the narrative, Doyle’s sudden disappearance made headlines. Law enforcement and the Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) were heavily involved in searching for Tyler after he went missing on the afternoon of January 26th, 2023. As per the SCDNR’s statement, the last known location was near the Little River Jetties, where Doyle was last seen duck hunting.

Although many super sleuths on platforms like TikTok and Instagram tried connecting the dots between Tyler’s attempted murder charge and his disappearance, the actual events remained unclear. With stories and tips coming in from all corners, the incident had more questions than answers.

The Duck Hunting Incident

The investigation’s initial details, stemming from Tyler Doyle’s attempted murder charge, involved a boating accident. Ronnie Floyd, a DNR investigator, mentioned, “We have yet to locate Mr. Doyle, but with the available information and the many tips and stories I have listened to, I can’t conclude other than that Tyler Doyle is drowned.”

It was on the 26th of January 2023, that Tyler, along with another person, was out on a duck hunting expedition. The incident report paints a grim picture. Tyler’s companion, 22-year-old Christopher Cumming, was found with his pants and a camo jacket floating near the boat. The Coast Guard and local rescue teams initiated search efforts, but Tyler remained missing. His wallet, however, was later found at the landing.

The Trend and Online Speculations

The internet was rife with speculations. The website “Tyler Doyle Arrested.org” consistently updated curious onlookers with every development in the case. From mugshots to search warrant details, the site became a repository of information about Tyler. But alongside the facts, countless theories emerged.

While some believed Tyler’s disappearance was an elaborate ruse to escape his attempted murder charge, others felt he might have become a victim himself. Theories on platforms like TikTok and Instagram ranged from Tyler being in hiding to unfortunate accidents.

By February, the search for Tyler became more desperate. Records show that Tyler’s residence was searched multiple times. Brian Doyle, Tyler’s younger 18-year-old brother, mentioned on a Sunday night Instagram post, “We just want Tyler back. We didn’t know about the attempted murder or the charges. He was just our brother.”

The arrest and subsequent disappearance not only affected Tyler’s immediate family but also raised questions about the efficiency of the law enforcement agencies. The mugshot from Tyler’s arrest, which showed a seemingly distraught individual, became symbolic of a case filled with ambiguity.

Tyler Doyle’s Legacy and the Unending Questions

As the days turned into weeks, the attempts to find Tyler became more frantic. Efforts from the Coast Guard, local law enforcement, and even the community painted a picture of a town shaken to its core. Residents, many of whom had followed the case through the “Tyler Doyle Arrested.org” newsletter, were desperate for closure.

Yet, questions remain. Did Tyler Doyle, facing an attempted murder charge, choose to disappear? Was his disappearance a tragic accident, a consequence of the duck hunting incident near Little River? Or was there something more sinister at play?


The story of Tyler Doyle, from his arrest on an attempted murder charge to his mysterious disappearance, remains one of the most intriguing mysteries of 2023. While “Tyler Doyle Arrested.org” and other platforms continue to provide updates, the truth remains elusive. As the saga unfolds, one can only hope for clarity and justice for all involved.

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