4 Fun Exercise Games to Make Your Wellness Routine More Pleasant | 2023

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Let’s face it: working out isn’t for everyone, despite what infomercials and Instagram influencers might have you believe. Exercise can be challenging: It can make you sweat and occasionally bore you! In order to get through a workout, we frequently rely on our preferred playlist or television show.

However, if you’re reading this, you might be looking for new ways to keep your workout routine interesting and creative. That’s correct, we meant fun. There is no better time than now to get outside and engage in enjoyable physical activity—and what activity is more entertaining than games?

We have compiled a list of workout games—yes, workout games—for you to play this summer in an effort to make working out a little more bearable and perhaps even enjoyable. Therefore, let the fun begin immediately.

The culture of each team should be shared throughout the activities as well. Therefore, cute objects are required prior to group activities to convey the atmosphere. A bespoke lapel pin is always an excellent option.

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Exercise Games: # 1 Balloony Tunes

From 1 to however many participants there are, a number is assigned to each individual. The other participants will be outside of the square boundary, with one participant standing in the middle with the balloon in hand. Participants outside the boundary can stand in a normal stance, hold a squat, or perform a plank.

The plan is to yell out the number of one of the participants outside the boundaries while you wait for the participant holding the balloon to launch it into the air. When another participant’s number is called, they must run toward the boundary and strike the balloon before it touches the ground.

Participants must yell out the number of another participant when they hit the balloon in the air (it doesn’t matter if it’s the number of the participant who called your number before) and return to their original position outside the boundary.

A point is awarded to the person outside the boundary whose number is called but fails to prevent the balloon from hitting the ground. After that, the next person will call a number and the game will continue. After three minutes of play, the participant with the fewest points is the winner.

Exercise Games: # 2 Runs on Planks

To begin, you must first form two or more teams of even numbers. Set a 50-foot-distance start and finish line. The distance to the finish line may need to be increased depending on the number of participants.

While holding a plank position, each member of your team will form a line with their backs to the finish line. With the exception of the person at the front of the line, who will not have anyone in front of them, each person in the plank position should keep their head no further than one foot behind the feet of the person in front of them.

The person at the back of the plank line will get out of the plank position and run to the front of their line to take up the plank position after the designated participant gives the command “Go.”

The person who just ran from the back of the line to the front of the line will yell “Go!” when they put their hands on the ground to start a plank. which will send a signal to the person who is currently at the back of the line to sprint to the front and repeat the procedure that was just described. When any body part, most likely a participant’s head, crosses the finish line in front of a team’s line, a winner is chosen.

Exercise Games: # 3 EMOM Phone Number

The abbreviation for “Every Minute on the Minute” is EMOM. Perform a specific exercise for a predetermined number of sets or reps at the start of each minute. After those are finished, you can take a break for the remaining time in that minute and start over at the beginning of the next minute.

Using only your body weight, think of three to ten of your favorite exercises. Mix the papers in a bowl after writing each one down on a separate piece of paper. Pull out one of the pieces of paper with the exercise on it at the beginning of each minute with your hand. Play out that activity for a number that is equivalent to the main number of your telephone number. For instance, if your phone number is 954 – XXX – XXXX and the first exercise you did was nine lunges, you would do them. You can perform any exercise that corresponds to a 0 number as many times as you like.

Use the remaining minute to pull another piece of paper after finishing an exercise and resting. Then, perform that exercise for the number of reps equals to your phone number’s second digit. Given that your phone number has ten digits, you should play for ten minutes. By adding exercises at the end of each minute, you can also make this harder.

You would perform nine lunges at the beginning of the first minute in our previous example. If you selected the push-ups exercise, you would complete 9 lunges, 5 push-ups, and a rest for the remaining minutes after the first minute. As a result, the exercises would become more difficult with each minute.

Exercise Games: # Four Cone Wars

Distribute teams equally or individually. Place half of the cones on their sides and place the other half upright. One individual or group ought to set those cones lying on their side upstanding, while someone else or group ought to wreck the upstanding cones onto their side.

Then, set a two-minute timer. Each person or team will begin to knock the cones over or raise them to their full height as soon as the command “Go” is given. The ability to bend at the hips and knees is essential for this game. To rehearse great center control, keep a straight back while twisting around.

It’s also important to remember that you can only move the cones with your hands. After two minutes, the winner is the person who has placed the most cones in their assigned spots.

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